Social media marketing is another great route for increasing awareness of your website. Most people these days have a Facebook and Twitter account and through social media marketing you can market to those people directly and promote your message in an engaging way. Social media marketing offers something slightly different from SEO. While SEO targets people who are looking for your services, social media marketing allows you to reach out to people who wouldn’t necessarily think to look for you. That way you can ensure that they think of you when they do need a service like yours, you can find new fans and you can keep existing and previous customers up-to-date on any developments.

A great social media strategy will make use of the ‘connected’ nature of these networks. By delivering engaging and eye-catching content you can see your message spread organically between contacts and potentially even go virally. At the same time, it will target the right demographics making sure that the people you’re reaching out to are people that are likely to be interested in your services. The potential ROI here is huge, which is why it’s a key part of many big business’ strategies.

PenTech Consulting can help you to not only create, but fully manage accounts on Facebook and Twitter. We’ll make sure that you gain maximum exposure and that your contacts are kept constantly up to date with your news and offers. Get in touch to find out what we can do for you and to discuss your social media strategy.